WebmasterWorld Upgrades Forum Software

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Big forum news from WebmasterWorld today. They have updated the forum software. I first noticed it by looking at the new URL formats.

Old URL: http://www.WebmasterWorld.com/forum30/

New URL: http://www.WebmasterWorld.com/google/

Brett Tabke says,

We have just completed a significant update to the forum software (BestBBS) that we run on WebmasterWorld.

The majority of this update was an internal database format conversion. It took well over 300 hours of labor to convert the system to the new formats. When completed, we have a faster, more secure system than we have ever had before.

Find any bugs? Report them here. Good luck Brett!

Full Details;Specifics:

- Moved to Keyword urls - while maintaining the old urls. - Members can now toggle off post reply notifications. - Forum descriptions can be turned/off from the forum index page. - Threads can now be "pinned" to top of a forum index and/or to top of active list. - Numerous new system messages for split, splice, and move threads. This should eliminate the number of erroneous "you deleted me - no, we split/splice/moved you" point-counterpoint reports almost entirely. - Individual messages can now be reported to mods/admins. (available to advanced members) - Report-a-post feature upgraded and now out of beta. - Enabled print message function for each message. - Last ip login tracking on user profiles. - 100% database conversion, resulting in number of files cut in half. - All messages now serialized with unique number. - Individual messages can be put on hold or premoderated. No more will a moderator have to put an entire thread on hold because someone spammed it. - Hundreds of internal fixes and amendments. - New access system replaces old system. (much easier to add things such as more subscribers forums) - Updated internal vote/polling code. Not turned on at WebmasterWorld. - Updated internal ignore code to ignore members. Not turned on at WebmasterWorld. - CSS divs/classes prepared for "the day when..." - Ripped down to the bone "logged out" page views. Page view speed on nonLogged in visitors - over 3 times the speed. - Fixed upload routines for sig files and avatars. Not turned on at WebmasterWorld. - Internal code for page view tracking at post level. Not turned on at WebmasterWorld. - Increased default messages per thread. - Access denial (bot) system updated to final. - Worked on internal code for search engine. - Finished internal ranking technology. - Each and every routine that touched threads had to be adjusted extensively. - New forum index routines are twice as fast as old ones and fixed 3 date and post count bugs. - Fixed 4 known bugs with various stickymail routines.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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