Yahoo! to Release New Ad System Today


Friday we reported that there were More Signs of Yahoo! Switching PPC Program to CTR Based Rankings but we are still unsure of this. Today, reuters and BBC News reports that Yahoo! is releasing the new ad system some time today.

Yahoo's new software system aims to let advertisers target potential customers more accurately based upon the words users type into the search box.


The system is a software-based marketing console to help corporate advertisers and advertising agency buyers understand how to target relevant advertising to Web users based on the keyword search terms consumers use to find information on Web sites.

Advertisers can instantly calculate the cost of acquiring new customers using Yahoo's data and analytic system. Buyers can also test for the most effective ads and make rapid changes.

I should know more details, later this afternoon. I am continuously being told that the facts of my previous "rumor" post is wrong. So we will see.

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