Average Number of AdSense Web Sites Per Publisher?

Jan 18, 2006 • 8:58 am | comments (0) by | Filed Under Google AdSense

Shawn's AdSense forum rocks once again with this new poll already with 90 responses, asking How many "adsense websites" do you have? Can you believe 35% have seven or more AdSense Web sites? 85% have two or more AdSense Web sites. 15% have only one AdSense Web site.

This not scientific, but with 90 responses, it isn't a bad sampling. Of course, these are those AdSense publishers that are big time into AdSense, so they are more likely to respond to a poll at DP Forums, and they are more likely to have more AdSense sites then non AdSense fanatics. I wonder what the real data, at Google, says.

Also, how do you define an "AdSense Web Site"? Is it a site that happens to have AdSense on it? Is it a site that makes $X or more from AdSense? Is it a site that was built for the purpose of serving up AdSense ads? See my point?

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