The Google Adsense Team Got The Wrong Site! I Didn't Do It!

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Seems some people at the Google Adsense team are getting a bit drowsy behind the keyword. One of the members on SEOchat got an email from Google Adsense folks saying that "his" site was using inappropriate language that would encourage people to click on the ads on his site. However, the problem is..... its NOT his site. So he writes back to straighten it out and say there is a mistake. They send him another response saying they got the wrong site but on this correct url you need to change the language. However, its NOT his site either. So what to do?

We previously notified you we have found language on your site which may encourage your website users to click on the Google ads you're serving through AdSense. Unfortunately, the site we referenced was incorrect. The correct URL is . We apologize for any confusion this error has created.

The member goes on "Is this a new form of spam? If so, what am I supposed to be buying? Could Google really be this screwed up?"

Yes they could be, but it probably an overworked Adsense employee working double time at the compliance office and bored to tears. So interesting situtation. If this is spam... it would be the worst kinda, the spoof kind. Some of the other members ask whether the incorrect urls were scraping content off his site. He says they are not, and there are no similarities, just a case of mistaken identity. Hopefully they will not suspend his adsense account.

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