Did Update Jagger Crash WMW and Threadwatch?

Oct 19, 2005 • 3:31 pm | comments (2) by | Filed Under SEO & SEM Forum News

Seems to be a rash of outages today. People at SEOchat are complaining they can't access WMW forums (I can't either) and Threadwatch seems to have had a meltdown earlier today. They are moving servers according to there updating message "The move is complete, but if you're seeing this message, then it's simply because the new DNS info has not propagated properly yet. If you check back in a little while I hope it will be all well again." So do we Nick.

Meanwhile back at the batcave, WMW is still down for some people (can't confirm for all) and hopes of it getting back live look promising but undetermined.

So people are asking is if Matt Cutts and Googleguy who are sparking new interest in Google Update Jagger and the intense server load is causing crashes today. Not sure, but people do seem well overly interested on the forums.

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