Wrong URLs Published - Duplicate Content Issues

Sep 28, 2005 • 10:14 am | comments (0) by | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

An excellent thread at WebmasterWorld discusses one person's case of making a typo and being dup filtered out because of it. The member accidently put an extra hyphen in the URL of his products, but before he had a chance to remove the extra hyphen Google found them. So now the original pages (single hyphen URLs) are marked as duplicate content and the others are not. So what should this person do?

One person recommends 301 redirecting the double hyphen URLs to the single hyphen URLs. But most suggest just removing the double hyphen URLs from the index completely either using a 404 or 410 response code or the remove URL form at Google.

Join the discussion to find more tips and debate on the topic.

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