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Today, I had a need to take several permutations of keyword phrases and bulk them together for a PPC campaign. So I had one of my developers build a tool I named Dynamic Keyword Phrase Generator Tool.

What does it do? Given a set of primary keywords:

example: vanilla,chocolate chip,strawberry
And Given at least a set up secondary keywords:
example: ice cream,cakes,candy,ices
Also, if you want tertiary keywords:
example: colored sprinkles,chocolate sprinkles,syrup,whipped cream

You can generate a full set of permutations for those 3 sets of keyword phrases. Final list would look something like:

vanilla ice cream colored sprinkles,vanilla ice cream chocolate sprinkles,vanilla ice cream syrup,vanilla ice cream whipped cream,vanilla cakes colored sprinkles,vanilla cakes chocolate sprinkles,vanilla cakes syrup,vanilla cakes whipped cream,vanilla candy colored sprinkles,vanilla candy chocolate sprinkles,vanilla candy syrup,vanilla candy whipped cream,vanilla ices colored sprinkles,vanilla ices chocolate sprinkles,vanilla ices syrup,vanilla ices whipped cream,chocolate chip ice cream colored sprinkles,chocolate chip ice cream chocolate sprinkles,chocolate chip ice cream syrup,chocolate chip ice cream whipped cream,chocolate chip cakes colored sprinkles,chocolate chip cakes chocolate sprinkles,chocolate chip cakes syrup,chocolate chip cakes whipped cream,chocolate chip candy colored sprinkles,chocolate chip candy chocolate sprinkles,chocolate chip candy syrup,chocolate chip candy whipped cream,chocolate chip ices colored sprinkles,chocolate chip ices chocolate sprinkles,chocolate chip ices syrup,chocolate chip ices whipped cream,strawberry ice cream colored sprinkles,strawberry ice cream chocolate sprinkles,strawberry ice cream syrup,strawberry ice cream whipped cream,strawberry cakes colored sprinkles,strawberry cakes chocolate sprinkles,strawberry cakes syrup,strawberry cakes whipped cream,strawberry candy colored sprinkles,strawberry candy chocolate sprinkles,strawberry candy syrup,strawberry candy whipped cream,strawberry ices colored sprinkles,strawberry ices chocolate sprinkles,strawberry ices syrup,strawberry ices whipped cream

We also gave you the ability to choose the syntax you prefer. Google AdWords; Broad Match, Exact Match or Phrase Match AND SEO Types; Title Tags, META Keyword Tags, H1 Tags.

Try out the Dynamic Keyword Phrase Generator Tool when you like. Coming soon, a way to send all those keywords to your AdWords campaign via the Google API. Feedback requested here.

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