Held Hostage By Yahoo! Search Marketing During Update!

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Situation: You can't login to your account. Y! is undergoing "updates" of which you really have no interest. During this time that your locked out, your spend over the weekend drastically increases, and come Monday you find you are stuck with a large bill and a lot of traffic you never asked for. What do you do?

Yahoo seems to be rubbing some people from SEW Forums the wrong way the past few days. Some are voicing their concerns about changes being made before updates this past week to the Y! system and them not being accounted for. I am not quite sure what went on during the "update" but as far as I know it had to do with the Alliance program and such stuff as the new center they are developing that is supposed to rival any competitors interface.

The member Discovery says that during the 3 day period "we get socked for traffic we didn't want over the weekend and had no ability to stop it, BUT for some reason the traffic was 3x greater than a normal weekend for us."

"Our ad spend increased by close to 20k in less than 3 days," he goes on to say. He is asking if there is a certain point in which it becomes negligence and can seek legal action.

Another member post he had a similar experience. I have not been able to get into my account for most of the week so I can't verify if I have seen increases over the weekend as well.

In any case, it would be interesting to have a Y! rep pop in and say a few words (comments). Let you know if that happens to clarify.

Till then, read the discussion at SEW forums - Held Hostage by Y!

Update: Appears that Overture has been down for the last couple days. People from Israel to US are experiencing issues. Discuss at SEW - Is Overture Down?

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