Google Takes One More Hit by Yahoo

Aug 12, 2005 • 10:28 am | comments (3) by | Filed Under Search Engine & SEO Theory

Google's stock has been falling, Yahoo! is now bigger, and Yahoo! wins relevancy challenge over Google. If that wasn't enough, let me show you, what I would call a cheap shot, on Google.

Remember my Big Blue Pineapple Chair entry? Also, do you remember when I gave Yahoo! a hard time about them not ranking the correct page for the term? Yahoo! fixed that. But for some reason I did an other search at the four engines on that term. Guess what? Google listed my homepage and not the specific landing page.

- - listed - - entry page + - entry page + - entry page +

You know, I have been wondering, as Google's stock sinks, when Yahoo! releases announcements that make Google cringe, as Google plays hard ball with the press; where will all this lead? If the searcher sees weakness in Google. Weakness through the stock market, weakness through index size, weakness through shutting down the press and weakness within the SEM community... will the Google brand sink as well?

Kleenex = Tissues, but I buy different brands. Xerox = copier but... Googling = Search but...

I guess you can tell I am tired...

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