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I get to do a little bragging about my outstanding SEO abilities, right? I know when I show this to you, you will jump out of your seats and proclaim me as your SEO god. You ready?

Back in early September, I created a page at this blog to target the keyword phrase big blue pineapple chair. Yea, I know what your thinking, the AdSense bucks alone on a keyword phrase like that must generate enough income to help me retire in two months. As you might have expected, Google ranks that page as #1 in the SERPs. Yea, so I proved I am an SEO legend. :)

The purpose for this entry is not to mock fun at myself, but really to point fingers at Yahoo! Search. Do a search on the same keyword phrase as you did at Google, but this time at Yahoo! Search. Yes, you see the result brought back is an entry at this blog named Google is Proactive on Picasa, which happens to have a link to the big blue pineapple chair entry. It just doesn't make sense to me why Yahoo! would return that page over the other. Especially since, the big blue pineapple chair page is linked to with the keywords in the Google is Proactive on Picasa page and the big blue pineapple chair page is pretty much well optimized for that keyword phrase. I submitted this directly to Yahoo! and they will look into it.

Not to leave Yahoo! out in the dark, searches at Ask Jeeves and MSN Beta. Maybe I am not such a great SEO. :)

Disclaimer: My earlier comments about my SEO talents were in humor and should not be perceived as anything more then a joke.

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