Successful Reinclusion Requests

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Stuntdubl posted an absolutely well written thread (no one he is a WebmasterWorld moderator) at Search Engine Watch Forums named Anatomy of a Successful Reinclusion Request. In this thread he discusses an effort he is making to get one of his clients back into the Google index after participating in a "link manipulation program" (or that is the thought of what got the site de-indexed).

He asks other SEOs to share, in the thread, what works in the reinclusion request email, sent to Google. He posted his initial thoughts as follows:

Suggestions for improving the likelihood of reinclusion: - Fess up - If you did something wrong admit it and fix it
- Don't ASK WHY- You know what you did, or most likely some potential causes - At least fix those if you're going to ask WHY
- Don't whine - If it is the fate of your business you should probably be buying adwords anyhow
- Don't be a recidivist - pretty self explanatory - if you get special consideration and abuse it you won't get it again
- Don't bug 'em - G is NEVER probably going to get through their mountains of e-mail...don't make it worse
- Re-read the webmaster guidelines several times before sending off your request.
- Contact a professional and have them review your site for potential infractions, and diagnose if it is indeed a hand banning.
- Be polite - Google doesn't owe you anything - You're lucky you got free traffic is long as you did you filthy spammer

Matt Bailey added that, in his experience, "80% of the site owners that think they are banned have a technical issue that can be solved."

Join the Anatomy of a Successful Reinclusion Request to share your thoughts and ideas.

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