AdSense Mistakes One Should Not Make

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A thread at WebmasterWorld named 5 mistakes I made which effected decrease in CPC and decrease in earnings asks members to post 5 mistakes they have made in the past with AdSense. Some of those listed already include;

- I seo'd a site for a general term "small widgets" and adsense displayed general ads for "small widgets". However, "small blue widgets" was paying much higher. I had to go back and optimize the page for adsense to show "small blue widgets" while seo'ing the page for "small widgets"

- Biggest mistake = not adding new content often enough.

- Putting a 120x600 skyscraper in my site's colours to the right of my content, and thinking that was the best I could do.

- Not originally blending my ads into the site

- Not putting AdLinks on as soon as they came out, cost me a few thou$and

- When I started using this in Sept 2003, I thought just putting ad will give me revenue and when I received 3 times more income than other banner exchange I thought its perfect I don't have to do any thing

- Until July 2004 I wasn't convinced that anyone can earn 4 figures per months in AdSense.

- replying to this thread instead of working on my site ;)

More at the thread (might want to skip over the first few).

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