Google Sitemaps Down - SlashDotted

Jun 3, 2005 • 12:29 pm | comments (0) by | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

For those of you who are trying to get to the page about Google Sitemaps you might want to try back later. Currently it is serving up a 502 Server Error, reason being is a simple mentioning over at Slashdot.

Normally Google's servers can handle it but this traffic is going to a secure https URL, which requires more server resources. GoogleGuy commented specifically on this.

That's funny, Joey! As soon as you said that, I told myself--"it must have gotten Slashdotted." Sure enough, it's the top story on right now. The info about Sitemaps may be running on a "normal" webserver instead of our custom setup. I'd wait for the stampede-o-technical-folks to subside; maybe read the Slashdot thread or give it a few minutes up to a half hour for the geek-slagging to stop.

I alerted the Sitemaps team, but a Slashdotting is hard enough for a regular webserver, let alone one that's doing https. I'd give it a few minutes.

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