Ill-Informed Decision Makers

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A search engine optimization consultant posted a heart-breaking story (well not heart-breaking but it does sound good on paper) about how his client fired him due to stating the facts. The thread is named Beer Google's and is situated at SEO Chat forums. All you need to read is the documented (by the SEO) conversation between the SEO and his boss:

Boss: "Mr. Holland, would you please explain why we sucks for organic search results? Are you not the head of the SEO department?"

SEO: "My assumption is that your decision for the design department to lead the website project seriously undermined are natural position in SERPS."

Boss: "Oh I see�its' blame the design department day Mr. Holland."

SEO: "That's right."

Boss: "I think the layout on is beautiful! The design team spent three weeks on that assume flash intro, not to mention the incredible genius of a navigation bar coming out of thin air by a simple mouse rollover! Head quarters think stands alone in the Internet Advertising Market. We expect to win Awards with this beauty!"

SEO: "It certainly is a stand alone because it is all alone at the bottom of the SERPS."

Boss: "Your Fired! Holland!"

SEO: "What's new?"

How sad...

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