Urchin Price Drop & Google API Integration


Just got to Toronto now, but I had to post this Urchin/Google release...

As you recall, Google announced it agreed to acquire Urchin Software Corporation on March 28, 2005.


Today, Google is dropping the price of Urchin On Demand, Google's comprehensive marketing intelligence and web analytics service, making it affordable for all sites large and small. This service, provides web site owners and advertisers data to enhance their user's experience and increase advertising return on investment (ROI).

Starting today, Urchin On Demand from Google, is now reduced to $199 per month, a 60 percent drop from the previous cost of $495 per month. With Urchin, Google is helping more website owners learn how users interact with their site. The knowledge provided by Urchin can benefit anyone with a website by enabling them to enhance the experience users will have on their site. Advertisers using any online ad medium can gain a better understanding of visitor preferences, optimize online marketing campaigns and redesign website content to maximize conversions.

Specific benefits of Urchin On Demand: . Better Intelligence: Urchin helps site owners and advertisers understand how visitors find, navigate and convert on their websites.

. Higher Conversions: Urchin tracks visitors from all online sources including search engines, natural links, and any variety of paid advertising campaigns such as paid banners, keywords, emails, etc.

. Actionable Data: The service provides many reports designed to help users visualize their data and take quick action including: Funnel Analysis, Website Overlays, GeoTargeting, Ecommerce Reporting, Campaign Comparisons, Keywords Suggestion Tools, and much more.

The $199 per month Urchin On Demand also now includes report profiles for up to fifty individual websites (Urchin's previous offering included reporting for only one site). The price includes up to 100,000 pageviews per month. Users can add one million more pageviews for only $99 more per month.

In addition to the reduced price and increased number of profiles, Urchin On Demand is now able to import -pay--per-click costs directly from Google AdWords accounts. This data will simplify a user's ability to analyze the ROI of their online campaigns. This is the first integration of Google services with the Urchin platform. More information, including a 15-day free trial of Urchin On Demand, can be found on the new Urchin from Google website at www.urchin.com.

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