More Google Sandbox Mania!

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Not that you haven't had enough already, but here is a little more discussion and commentary on the subject. Its actually a pretty good thread from SEW forums and is worth a quick read. Thread starts with a simple search for the Google Sandbox, and details the interesting and possibly disturbing results that are played out in the results.

Some of the SEO's go into detail describing the rankings of some of the results, their particular age, and linkage data. Some are pissed at the silly filtering that is going on, and other comments that non-english language sites don't have a problem with the sandbox. Others care to comment that the sandbox is a figment of our imagination and created only to stifle the hurt that our egos could receive. There are those that notice that sites created for users do better than those that are created just for SEO. Some look at the ways Google sees a particular keyword or query, relating to how it search query volume, speed, pages referencing that keyword, and so on. It's very real for some people, and you couldn't convince them otherwise. This Sandbox nonsense needs to stop immediately. When it comes down to it, some claim its just Google raising the bar.

Continue with the overall good discussion at SEW Forums - SEO World Obsessed with Sandbox

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