I'm So Confused!

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Q: Nacho asks; How do you fix SEMPO? A: Danny said no SEMPO questions.

Q: When should I start seeing conversion metrics on my paid search? A: Danny said right away for the paid. Jill said, on the organic you should see it a good month or so after the page is indexed.

Q: Is it challenge to Overture in having people sign up for Overture's Conversion Tracking service, because of the data privacy issues? A: Jonathan Glick from Yahoo said having that data opens up new pricing models such as CPA. But they won't ever use that data to increase your prices because its an auction system and the market decides the price.

Q: Someone asked if reciprocal links are bad? A: Jill said reciprocal links in themselves are not bad. Link to who you think is good to link to. Yahoo agrees.

Yahoo also says that links in general to a domain name is looked at, not just on a page to page basis.

Yahoo also said it is not OK to trade links inside the industry if they are done to just bring up your rankings.

Q: This whole discussion on "themed" content. A: Danny then asked Jon, do you look at all the pages in a site to figure out what your site is talking about? Jon said no. Danny continued to talk about that this was a theory that went off. He doesn't believe in it. Basically he explained it worked because you now have 10 sites with super home pages on a specific topic, each targeting different topics. So now you increase the odds of getting hit on your homepage. Jill agrees. Jon agrees.

Q: I have stores in many of the major cities. Is it ok if I insert city name into a template system and repeat the content over on every page, would that be ok? A: It depends if you have real reason for you to have those pages. They look for unique content, if that content is too similar, then you will have a problem. Yahoo is doing more work on local, and if you can add an address, hours of operation, phone, etc. to the page that will help with the local technologies being built today by the engines.

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