One Year Anniversary for the Search Engine Roundtable

Dec 6, 2004 • 10:10 pm | comments (0) by twitter | Filed Under Blog Administration

You know something, good thing this site is not my wife, because I would be dead now! I can't believe I forgot that December 2nd was the one year anniversary of this site. It is really amazing how much has been covered here, how it has grown and most importantly, how much has changed in our industry within a year.

This entry would make for the 1153 entry posted on this site in 369 days (365 + 4), 1380 comments (I block about 100 comments per day, most spam but if I blocked yours I am sorry, false negatives do happen) and many great authors.

Traffic has been wonderful as well, its because of you that I continue to put so much of my effort towards this site. Again, if you have suggestions, comments or want to add your thoughts to this site, please email me at or leave a comment.

I will try to think something up special for the anniversary. If you have ideas, please let me know. Next week is the SES Chicago conference and we will have a special treat for the readers for that event. Stay tuned...

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