Search Giants Vying For Market Share

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Just came across some interesting stats from WebSiteStory, an internet analytic firm, about the increases in market share for the search leaders. There is obviously lots of buzz about Microsofts release of their search engine tommorrow, but what are some current numbers about who is handling the most internet searches. What are they up against? Based on what this article said:

The search kingpin [Google] handled 49% of U.S. Internet searches in October, up from 41% in March, according to the Internet analytics firm WebSideStory.

Microsoft who is currently right now [Wednesday] licensing technology from Yahoo is handling about 14% of U.S. searches.

With Yahoo, owning about 24% of the market.

The article goes to highlight some analyst responses, such as Morgan Stanley who have downplayed Microsoft's threat to Google and Yahoo going on to say the "software giant would have to be significantly better to steal away entrenched users". Whether you agree or disagree, I guess it going to have to come down to how the users like MSN's new search engine. Its been in testing stages for quite some time and tommorrow we will see it in full use, which will be quite an interesting show.

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