Searching For Clicks (Conversions) In Second Tier Search Engines

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There seems to be a some good talk lately about PPC engines and the many factors surrounding there use. Which results in better conversions Google or Overture? Why does it take so long to list an ad in Overture? Which engine brings in more traffic? Lots of talk on Overture and Google, enough to make your head spin several times before coming back down. A good thread on SEW forums discusses the various other PPC search engines that are available to marketers. When it comes down to it, Google and Overture take up a good portion of the market for PPC, but there are so many other oppourtunities out there for attacking another vertical that could result in similar traffic.

Chris Sherman posted on a recent article that talks about the various second tier PPC engine out there, and reasons why these low-cost alternatives can provide comparable ROI and conversions similar to Google or Overture. At the last SES conference I attended I quite remember the zeal and tenacity of the particular second tier search engines advertising themselves in the exhibit hall. They obviously want your business, and are very willing to prove what they claim they can do. It was encouraging to see, and especially chat with representatives about their technology and if they covered the verticals I was looking for. One thing I wished more PPC engines had was breath of subject areas to advertise in and more information on their traffic sources. One specializes in Business, another in Shopping, another in Finance. But as pointed out in this thread, the specific specialities of the engines help to focus on your target market and help improve conversions on your site. They stick to what they know. So much so that one site in particular list over 642 Pay Per Click Search Engines here. You might not even known there were that many, but it means a good amount of oppourtunity.

Some of the members expressed opinions about the quality of conversions from second tier search engines. One member said "using smaller engines depends upon your objective". Chicago another SEW forum member argued that "there is no such thing as the second tier as this group is totally reliant upon the "third/fourth tiers" and beyond to serve clicks." There is discussion about conversions on second tier engines, with several members relating to experiences that were less than desirable and others finding good value in the traffic.

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