John Battelle's Searchblog Gets Scolded By AdSense

Sep 8, 2004 • 2:35 pm | comments (0) by | Filed Under Google AdSense

He is not the only one, but I thought AdSense has been loosening its grip on the AdSense publishers. John, a famous search blogger, recently added AdSense to his blog. He titled where it currently reads "Sponsored Links" as "Paying the Bills."


I actually found that funny, but I did not click on his those ads. Google's AdSense team feels that since it read "Paying the Bills", that it would encourage users to click on the ads and "which can artificially inflate AdWords advertiser costs." My thoughts? I see Google's side, and I also know that I did not click on the ads. You know what, now that this whole thing is so publicized, I can see people going to that entry and clicking on the ad, in spite. Not that I think it is right, but since Google made such a big stink over such a small matter, I can see people taking this action. Jeremy Zawodny also noted about this.

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