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Recently Google announced that Google AdSense Now Allows 3 Ads Per Page. Great news, right?

The folks over at WebmasterWorld have been testing to see the impact of adding multiple ad units to a page. Check out some of the feedback at the thread. I will list some feedback below if you do not want to click through.

I was surprised to get a very very nice click through rate on the 2nd ad units at the very bottom of the article. At least it tells me that our visitors are actually reading to the end of the articles.

compared to same period in August, my EPC decreased ever so slightly by 3.98% But I attribute the decrease more from the long holiday rather than the addition of the multiple ads last Sept 1. My CTR also very slightly increased by 0.71%.

I setup 3 different channels for 3 groups to be used on a related set of pages (within one site). Not sure if it's the weekend, but the results are so bad I'm pulling one of the groups now (I'll give two a try for a couple days).

Group 1 CTR - 100% (during testing period) Group 2 CTR - 7% of group 1 Group 3 CTR - 11% of group 1

Group 1 CMP - 100% (during testing period) Group 2 CMP - 4% of group 1 Group 3 CMP - 4% of group 1

Prior Month CTR with only one group - 102% of group 1 Prior Month CMP with only one group - 151% of group 1

Group 3 is only on a few pages with groups 1 and 2. Groups 1 and 2 are on about 40 pages. I'm going to remove group 2 and test for 1-2 days.

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