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Aug 5, 2004 • 11:06 pm | comments (0) by twitter | Filed Under Search Engine Optimization Tools

This afternoon at the Advanced Search Term Research Issues SES session, Trellian was asked to step up to the podium and speak about its new keyword research tool they named Priority Submit. It looked impressive. It is the only tool of its kind for this price, free. Dan Thies had great things to say about this in the forums and to me at the conference (he by the way is coming out with a neat tool as well - more on that in a week or so). Andy Beal said the tool is great as well but he said it looks like there are some minor flaws in it (but still a great tool for what it does). So here are some screen shots and my thoughts on the tool.

I did a search on the keyword "web development" and it shows number of searches and suggested alternatives to that keyword. The cool thing is that they have been collecting 12 months of search data. So you can see the number of search over the past 12 months. Great for seasonal search words, like they demoed on "valentines". But I did a search on "web development" not a seasonal term, I think (Dan or Andy can you verify?). Why in May would there only be only be 5,000 searches but in February there would be almost 20,000 more searches on "web development". Seem to me to be a bit wild. A similar historical chart came up for "web design". Well actually, I just tried the keyword "tuxedos" and there was a similar pattern. I guess May data was lost? :)

Anyway, it has other features and seems to be a neat tool.

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Try it out, it is free at

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