SEM Industry is Standing Up - Time for the SEO Angels


The topic of the past two weeks has been how to improve this industry's bar reputation. I have five different entries here covering subsets of this topic, they include:

Jill Whalen last night came out with her High Rankings Advisor newsletter named "The Art of SEO - Issue No. 105" (will be available shortly here.) In this newsletter, Jill sums up her feelings on what needs to be done. Basically she says the SEOs must live up to a higher standard. Letting the customer know their are risks involved to achieve high rankings for a competitive keyword phrase is not acceptable. SEOs, professional SEOs, must achieve high rankings through the upmost ethical manner. Jill is proposing a set up standards that if accepted will form a group of SEOs, that I will call, SEO Angels.

I personally commend her passion for the industry and her efforts to improve the industry's reputation. Is this the solution? Discuss this at the SEW Forums.

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