Can you figure out the Google Puzzle? If so Google Might Want You

Jul 12, 2004 • 3:50 pm | comments (0) by | Filed Under Google News & Finances

This was kinda interesting. Someone brought to my attention this morning a unique big billboard by Google in California, highlighting a rather difficult mathmatical puzzle. Basically you need to decrypt the message to arrive at the correct answer. If you are smart enough or have enough time to figure it out, then you will find the answer is actually a domain .com to which you are supposed to go to find out what Google is up too.

Here is the puzzle:

{ First 10 digit prime in consecutive digits of e }.com

The correct answer:, which forwards to:

But instead of the redirect, I got another riddle from google saying the following:

"Congratulations. You've made it to level 2. Go to and enter Bobsyouruncle as the login and the answer to this equation as the password."

f(1)= 7182818284 f(2)= 8182845904 f(3)= 8747135266 f(4)= 7427466391 f(5)= __________

Hmmm... anybody got the answer?

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