Apple Stepping into the Search Engine Battle

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It seems everytime I am turning around these days, someone new has the newest, greatest, and most POWERFUL search engine on the planet. I just wish someone would make a search engine to find my lost car keys. I and every other internet user has lots of choices these days when it comes to search. You've got: MSN...the new new search engine. Yahoo...the once upon a time new search engine (while back), Google...we still have the best search engine in the universe. Ask...our search engine answers questions, and now Apple...the search engine with the user in mind. I like it. Barry will be excited too. ;-)

Apple is taking on Microsoft and the major engines in a battle for the best desktop search and eventually web search capability. Apples plans to release Mac OS 10.4 Tiger next year to the excitement of many mac users. Integrated with the ability to let users search their hard drives and the Web using a single tool. Microsoft is taking on this challenge as well with the release of its Longhorn OS. Apple delivers Tiger in the first half of '05, it's possible it will have quite a lead on Longhorn which will be released sometime early 2006 (est).

Steve Jobs puts it well, in that it is "easier to find something from among a billion Web pages with Google than it is to find something on your hard disk."

Check out the new article here: Apple-MS search engine battle begins

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