Comment Tags in Source Worthless?

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Are the comment tags in the HTML worthless? A comment tag is a tag that is used by programmers to make notes to themselves as to the code they have written in a certain area of a page. For HTML a comment can be written between <!-- comment here -->.

Of course SEOs try to take advantage of anything they can in the source code to improve rankings. So if you put keywords within the comment tags, i.e. <!-- keywords here -->, will that improve rankings?

Most of you reading this know the answer is NO, but I thought I post this here for a newbie who might do a search on "Comment Tags". Be careful and don't make this mistake, it might lead your site to be banned from the search engine's index.

Proof of this concept was found at SEO Chat Forums. A member made a simple test page with a comment in the source that looks like <!-- geeknelectricboy lowwiopkinder hicsintires googleguyeatscows -->. Conduction a search "A simple test page." edsolutions shows you the page was fully indexed by Google. Conduction a search on any of the key-phrases in the comment tags brings up no results.

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