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All of the SEO forums struggle with "signal to noise" ratio. They all try to solve it in different ways. Some are frighteningly hostile to newbies. Others create an extensive set of "super double secret" chat areas available by invitation only, or by paying a fee for the right to annoy the anointed. Lately, I've detected a rise in three forms of noise, across several forums.

1. The "gibberish tennis match," where 2-3 posters go back and forth with 1-line posts that amount to a private conversation, ignoring anyone who attempts to contribute. 2. The same old tired circular arguments and bad ideas, recycled again and again just for kicks. Even an innocent question can be redirected to the same old tired debates. 3. Outright hostility. Many forums are dealing with an unprecedented level of trolling and personal attacks. Personally, I think hostile foreign powers must be to blame for the tension, but I could be wrong.

Even moderated discussions like LED Digest and I-Search have been allowed to turn personal. There must not be anything new happening on SEO Island, because the natives have turned to fighting over "links vs. content" again, ignoring or misrepresenting each others' positions as it suits.

Can't we all just get along and discuss this stuff rationally? I think I can remember when this was still fun. For all of you who are stirring things up with personal attacks, it doesn't matter if you're right or wrong on the facts, because what you're doing is wrong.

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