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I received the following in a spam email today: "Hello, I am (name deleted), GOOGLE LISTS ME #1 IN THE WORLD FOR: 'PERSONAL SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION ACCOUNT REP'" There's a greater than zero chance that this post will outrank him in a couple weeks. I hate to be mean to Harry, but any fool can rank if they're the only one trying.

I refer to what (name deleted) is doing here as "straw man SEO" - you can't beat the real SEOs, so you construct a straw man like 'personal search engine optimization account rep.' Do people actually spend money with this guy, or did he resort to spam because he had no chance?

Poke fun in this thread at the Best Practices forums, about the worlds #1 ranked personal search engine optimization account rep.

Another good example of a phrase that is not competitive, would be MONEY BACK SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT PROS which is the latest conquest of our "Straw Man SEO of the Year." I wonder how long his #1 on Yahoo for that "gem" will hold up...

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