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I have been meaning to discuss the power of the Google dictionary and how it can help your rankings. I simply have been putting it off until now. Everyone knows about the method of entering in Google "define: term" or "definition of term" and it brings back an entry at the top of Google SERPs with a definition pulled from an other site. It can look as follows:


What not everyone knows about (only those that rank well for popular definitions) is that Google brings a single definition back when you use the query "what is google", or what is term. So if your in the first slot for this definition, you will get a nice amount of traffic to your site.

At the SES conference in NY, I told everyone about this operator in the Q&A session of What is Content?. Or I think it was that session, I forgot - I jumped into that session only for the Q&A part. I was surprised to find out that only a few people in that room really knew about the "what is XYZ" query back then.

Now the secret is out, the news hit a forum based on viggin's careful eye. It might have been covered in other forums as well, but I now expect the news to hit the mainstream. But I did make sure to tell the SEO chatters back in November.

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