Very Personalized Google Ads Spotted: Is this New?

Apr 26, 2007 • 10:40 am (5) | by

Is Google watching your surfing habits all the more closely to target ads that would serve your personal needs? Perhaps you haven't taken note, but a member on WebmasterWorld did.

I'm currently working on my personal site and I just happen to read some of the ads.

They are very off-topic for my site. But they are exactly my interests.

He says that he has browsed related sites and discussed the topic within his Gmail account -- and he suspects that this is the cause of the ad targeting.

Google has enough information for the personalized ads to be pretty targeted, so I wouldn't be surprised at this direction. Other members feel the same way.

Very interesting! I haven't seen this myself and haven't heard any news, but I wouldn't be surprised if Google was starting to implement "behavioral targeting" - seems to be the future of advertising. And between Search and Gmail and a bunch of other programs, Google is certainly building up quite a bank of information on people's interests!

Barry says that this is very farfetched for the time being. I think it's a likely direction with all the information Google has amassed about its users.

Have you noticed these extremely targeted ads? Let the readers at WebmasterWorld know.

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