Google AdSense Publisher Claims JavaScript Framebuster Lead To Google Ban

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Google AdSense logoA WebmasterWorld thread has one Google AdSense publisher claiming that a JavaScript framebuster technique led to his site and AdSense account being banned by Google.

He said after several years, his account was banned by Google AdSense because the JavaScript framebuster code he had led the page to reload and reload in an endless loop. It lead to crazy numbers of impressions over a 40 minute period. The publisher wrote:

The account was disabled on Jan 18 2013. But Google Analytics intelligence report showed a spike in pageviews (and they weren't clicks but pageviews do inflate advertiser costs) on 18th Jan 2013. After digging deep, I realised that someone from France (I'm in India) was using the Google Translate service to view my site. And my site has a framebuster javascript which caused the page to load in an endless loop. The usual pageviews of about 800 per day got inflated to 4500 that day. I've sent them a clarification. But I doubt they'll listen of their highhandedness. I was at fault but I'm not a cheat. I've paid my apologies and the last respects to AdSense.

Some are having a hard time believing a publisher would be banned so quickly for such a mistake. Some are saying it is possible and are trying to ensure things like this do not happen to themselves.

Netmeg said that she is extra careful:

Stuff like this is why I watch my traffic like a hawk (not my AdSense, my traffic) and if I see any anomalies, AdSense comes off till I nail them down.

I guess that is being incredibly careful.

Are you paranoid about this? Have you seen anything like this before?

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