Yahoo's New Home Page Finally Launches: Do You Like It?

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Yahoo has finally announced the launch their new home page after several months of experimenting on various designs.

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's new CEO and former Googler said:

Designed to be more intuitive and personal, the new Yahoo! experience is all about your interests and preferences. Since streams of information have become the paradigm of choice on the web, we’re introducing a newsfeed with infinite scroll, letting you experience a virtually endless feed of news articles. Whether you are a sports fanatic or entertainment buff, you can easily customize your newsfeed to your interests. And, to make Yahoo! even more social, you can log in with your Yahoo! or Facebook ID to get articles from thousands of news sources as well as those shared by your friends.

Here is a picture of the new home page, but the best part, it is tablet and smartphone optimized as well.

Yahoo New Home Page

The reaction at WebmasterWorld is pretty mixed. Do you like the new design?

Here is the old one:

Existing Yahoo Home Page - click for full size

Please take our poll:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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02/21/2013 01:32 pm

If we compare it to the older one, yes new one looks better. Otherwise, nothing much to appreciate. (personal view)

Former Y! Home Page Fan

02/21/2013 02:01 pm

It's odd to me how despite all Y! shortcomings they STILL had the 4th most popular home page on the web. So what does Y! do?? They changed the ONE thing that people still liked about Y! (the format of the homepage which led to an AWESOME comment section) and left everything else the same. I honestly don't get it. They basically just made a crappy hybrid of bad facebook features and google news aesthetics. Not original. Not an improvement on their only strength. Not worth going back to Y! (ironic since she said she wanted people to spend MORE time Extremely disappointed. Y! may might as well sell their assets to Google or Facebook because being a cheap imitation is a death wish in Y! business.

A. Chris Turner

02/21/2013 02:19 pm

It's kinda sad that some say they don't care. Every website offering a SERP and links to your site should matter. It helps to diversify your opportunities just like your link profile. I think they cleaned it up nice but I think the consensus is that they are following and not leading in most areas (i.e. design, popularity, etc.)


02/21/2013 02:53 pm

Maybe because every other software out there comes with a toolbar and homepage setting that are confusing for those who aren't paying attention. You used to just uncheck boxes and continue, now 'cancel' is the only option after unchecking those boxes and to most people they see 'cancel' as meaning, 'cancel the instal on this program', and not as, 'no, I don't want you toolbar and homepage but please continue to instal the software I am interested in'. Also, Yahoo caters to the LCD, in my opinion, and the LCD don't understand what is going on with their computers, and have six thousand toolbars and a whole host of animated smile downloads to show for it. Doubt that? Clear the junk off of a few computers for family/friends; Yahoo, Yahoo everywhere.

Rene Dasbeck

02/21/2013 03:16 pm

OK. The relaunch is not revolutionary. The look is still some kind of boring. The main feature is the mobile optimization.

a former user

02/21/2013 04:49 pm

I already deleted Yahoo as my homepage. The only thing that would make me return is if Yahoo gave the option to revert to the old homepage. I don't want all these facebook-like features. I don't want facebook anything. I want the old Yahoo homepage back. Listen to you users Marissa Mayer. You will lose more than you gain by forcing this on people.

Gabriel Sita

02/21/2013 05:46 pm

It looks better then the old one, but who uses Yahoo in 2013? that is my question.


02/21/2013 07:11 pm

Like the wind, the new Yahoo home page blows.

Josh Zehtabchi

02/21/2013 08:11 pm

A.) The new page is a lot better, less adds, and the adds they seem to push appear to be Yahoo properties. B.) It's streamlined and reactive. C.) To the brain's who mock Yahoo about who uses Yahoo? Pull your head out of your rear end. Yahoo is still a powerhouse internationally - it's base just died off in the states. The one thing I loathe is the overuse of their color. It's a design no-no. There's no complimenting colors to offset the Barney theme they have going - big and purple... Either way, it's a sign of progress, something I can respect from a new, young CEO.

Josh Zehtabchi

02/21/2013 08:12 pm

Because USA internet traffic is not 100% of internet traffic. They're dominating overseas still with Yahoo Messenger.


02/21/2013 08:52 pm

Why mess with something that works?

Marcus Talley

02/22/2013 07:52 am

I like alot of people don't care about Kim Kardashian or Justin Beiber or others like them . Stop trying to force this junk down our throats.


02/22/2013 02:56 pm

that look so cool..good


02/23/2013 04:31 pm

I like Yahoo's new homepage,the old homepage was plain looking and it really sucked.


02/24/2013 08:41 am

I loathe the new homepage to the extent that i've changed to cnn and bbc as my sources for the stories I was reading on Yahoo. So far i'm keeping my email account with Yahoo (since I started it in 1995) but I'm seriously considering deleting it since when I sign out of it, it takes me to that abomination of a homepage of theirs. After all, I have other email accounts and I can aloways re-route emails to them before deleting my Yahoo account.

Marissa Mayer

02/24/2013 04:22 pm

Deleted my Yahoo home page because it now sucks.


02/27/2013 06:37 am

Aside from aesthetic appeal (which it looks better to me) the homepage seems exactly the same as the old one, I don't see anything different about the features. It's getting really annoying how everyone is using the News comments to complain about it (not sure exactly WHAT about it they can hate so much) when the site is free and they can just leave, because I for one like it.


03/05/2013 07:41 pm

If I knew how to do it I'd switch my homepage tp google!!!!! Hate the new format!!


03/08/2013 06:53 pm

I also deleted Yahoo as my homepage because of the new look. Why do people need to always change things? If it ain't broke don't fix it. I absolutely hate the way the news looks, so clustered and the transparency border that hovers over the image is so annoying to say the least. Also, the entire page looks cheap, WTH? I've looked to Yahoo news for years, so it's a bummer to leave. I will only come back if they put it back the old way.


03/27/2013 08:22 am

I hate the new Yahoo homepage. I've tried all the workarounds I've found online to try to get the old homepage back to no avail, I'm now sadly going to change my homepage to either MSN or Google. I liked having it as Yahoo because that is what I had for years and it allows me to easily access my email, but I hate the new homepage and I hate that I can't revert. I also hate my Yahoo mail now actually. Grrr. I don't want to make a new email account this is such a hassle. Way to suck Yahoo!


04/13/2013 04:34 pm

The new Yahoo sucks! First I wasn't able to attach anything to my mail. I cleared pop-ups, temp files, everything people suggested. Then all of a sudden an new screen pops up and lo and behold, I can attach. The problem is, now they've crammed my e-mail into a small section of the screen to the right. Of course not far enough to block out their friggin advertisement, but enough to leave a blank section on my screen. Trying to "talk" to yahoo is next to impossible. round and round to the "help" screen. I've wasted serious time, had to circumnavigate to a "junk" email to send attachments and then monitor that e-mail for responses. I'm reading posts that say, "maybe your computer is not able to handle Yahoo". I just bought the thing 2 years ago! What, am I supposed to upgrade every friggin year to keep up with technology!?! If so, they've go a bigger grasp on us than I thought. Now I have to 1. Get a new e-mail, 2. Let everyone know I've changed, 3. Monitor this stupid Yahoo, because I've used if for people that may need to contact me, government agencies, clients, etc. 4.Get people used to he new e-mail. It's like losing your wallet. Thanks Yahoo. Thanks a lot for not giving a shit about what you do. forcing your crap that still isn't ready and letting the public figure your shit out. THANKS and FU

05/02/2013 12:55 pm

Like business, if you can't reason with someone you go to their supervisor or whoever pays them. I urge all level headed thinkers to listen to Beck and Limbaugh, just once, to find their advertisors. Then boycott, do what you can to get everyone you know to stop buying their product. They must be stopped from controlling the minds of idiot followers. They wake up every day thinking of ways to obstruct obama. Which obstructs us. We elected obama to lead not these pukes. Anti commander in chief=anti america. They have americans hating a guy that only wants the best for the country, and world. Put a stop to this insanity. United we stand, devided we fall. If you can't support your country, get the heck out.


06/28/2013 03:55 am

The new Yahoo E-mail is worse too. I used to be able to clear the entire Spam folder with a single check on the Delete box to select all the entries, but now I can only clear the folder one page at a time. Also, when I am composing a long E-mail, I cannot scroll down and use point-and-click to reposition the cursor on a new page; instead the window immediately jumps back to the page where the cursor is currently. Marissa Mayer obviously does not know anything about good design.


09/01/2013 05:07 pm

designed to be more INTRUSIVE and ANNOYING and crash Intenet Explorer...


09/04/2013 07:07 pm

The entire package is a screw up. Many yahoo groups are leaving. The new format is a nightmare if you're disabled. If I didn't' know better I'd think they were trying to destroy Yahoo.


09/08/2013 02:50 am

Less ads?


10/15/2013 01:50 pm

I have been with ATT since the early 90's. Will be leaving as I find a new email package. I am frustrated with the invasive spam banners that are taking over the site. Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes is putting me a very bad mood each morning before I even leave the house. Everything really sucks and if they would look at the poll on the new site they should have enough common sense to see the majority of the people hate the new site

Ocean View

10/15/2013 07:05 pm

It is because it will make Yahoo more money. When money is involved, and a lot of it, do not expect that even if 98% of the populous hate the new format, that it will entice Yahoo to abandon THEIR corporate profit mission. Yahoo has NEVER reverted back to any former version of area of their applications.

Bad Kitty

01/28/2014 03:52 am

Terrible! Been a user for many years and now feel compelled to look for new home page. Options for themes are ridiculous! It's no longer My Yahoo it's Their Yahoo.

Bad Kitty

01/28/2014 03:54 am

Well you could customize it to your liking, so your creativity must be to blame.


02/01/2014 02:13 pm

more advertising, broken apps, ugly non-configurable themes, unwanted info in many of the content boxes ie scoreboard, the question should be what is to like? time to find a new home ............ another change for the worse forced upon users.


04/03/2014 01:10 pm

It took me hours to design and make my own theme / and apps. I want MY Page theme back up. I pay for AT&T &Yahoo I should get what I want!


04/03/2014 01:12 pm

let me know what you find I too am looking for a new Internet provider. I am sick of AT&T and Yahoo.


04/03/2014 01:14 pm

You have got to be blind, or joking or you work for Yahoo! put on your glasses.


04/03/2014 01:16 pm

you too must work for Yahoo and apparently you have no idea how to design your own homepage. or how to use the old yahoo .


04/03/2014 01:19 pm

well all good things come to an end and I hope yahoo crumbles and folds and turns to dust and a past memory!


05/19/2014 02:42 am

Not one single homepage theme to honor Christmas, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween... just a bunch of crappy designs someone thinks we'll be interested... I used to change my background theme all the time to whatever season it happened to be, or whatever holiday it was close to... not anymore, 'cause Yahoo knows better than we do what WE want... and why can't I post this comment under my Yahoo user nick? Why does it have to be under Disqus, or Facebook, or Twitter, or Google, for crying out loud?!?

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