Jim Boykin Buys WebmasterWorld

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click for full sizeI am live at PubCon and there is an "historic" announcement going to be made here at the event as part of the "Tribute To WebmasterWorld."

Update: Jim Boykin has bought WebmasterWorld. Here is Jim's release and here is the forum thread at WebmasterWorld. I also have a more official write up at Search Engine Land.

Here is my live coverage of the event.

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Stay tuned! Live updates will begin momentarily.

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    10/18/2012 02:02 am

    Congrats to Brett. Not sure about the other forums on WMW, but Google forum is definitely dying. Most of the participants are managing not more than 1k daily traffic. E-comm is dominating in all discussions. Hourly sales reports flood everything. And on top of that - all possible conspiracy theories. Mods can't do anything, because they will be the only contributors, if they will stop it. Furthermore, the whole format is totally outdated. Vague discussions worked before Panda. It was enough time to talk with one major update in 2-3 months. Now, when the updates come day-by-day, only precise information helps. New owner must be really talented to make this work again. Hope Brett got the funds already ) ------------------------------------ on WMW from 2002 ... nowadays consider visits of it as a stupid behavior

    lost cause

    10/18/2012 03:57 am

    Exactly, discussing free traffic is a lost cause, Google has rigged everything: Pay to Play.

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