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itunes-subscribe-video.pngThis is my last video recap in this office, after ten years, I am moving to a new larger space. This week I cover the Google Panda update, version 3.8. I also discuss the difference between Penguin and Unnatural links. Google for the first time called out a site they ignore links from. There are link removal companies popping up left and right despite Google saying they are coming out with a disavow link tool. Bing beat Google to coming out with a disavow links tool. Bing is trying to win the hearts of SEOs but maybe to try to change market share? Google launched Google Now and more changes to Google Mobile. I think Google wants you to nofollow affiliate links. Google added ten new videos on SEO on Webmaster Academy. New Zealand publishers got paid 40% less due to an exchange rate bug. Google is testing hiding the top black bar. Google Maps owner responses is broken again. Google demoed Google Glass live at I/O with sky divers diving onto the convention center. YouTube explained why some videos stick at 301 views. Google had an unbelievably geeky and sophisticated logo for Alan Turing's 100th birthday. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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This is my last video recap in this office, after ten years, I am moving to a new larger space. This week I cover the Google Panda update...
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Gregory Smith

07/01/2012 03:49 pm

I'm in the canoe with you, my friend. I too, as well as a brigade of our (RxSEO's) happy SEO customers have NEVER received an unnatural link warning. During the "fain at heart" Penguin depressants, and Panda missionaries, we stood firm. This is the result of a quality SEO company, one who is not only white hat, but provides their customers with rock solid results, that stand the test of time. Those of you spending your time reading articles (low quality - 5o words) such as these, should be putting more time into working on your site(s) to assure that upon Google's next site update (Algo refresh), you won't have to take so many Asprin. In my opinion, Google as a search engine whole, should not release information, unless it is released to the public as a whole. Who is to say stalking Google employees, such as those similar to John, Matt and fred, isn't black hat in itself?.

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