Google FAQ On Upgrading To New Local Google+ Pages

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Google+ Local Page MergeJade from Google posted a nice FAQ style in the Google Business Help forums on if you should verify to the new social Google+ local business page or not.

As you know, about 11 days ago, Google added support to migrate over to these new socially active pages but there have recently been some documented errors when doing the migration.

So Jade from Google wrote up this FAQ on when it is safe to go ahead and do it. Here it is:

Should I verify?

  • Storefront business with a page in Google+ (under the local business/place category) who are using it regularly: request verification. You will need to get a postcard sent to your business address and enter the PIN. Then, manage this page using the Google+ pages admin. Do not use the Google Places for Business to edit after verifying in Google+.
  • Verified owner in the Google Places for Business: continue to manage your information from the Google Places for Business dashboard and please wait for further instructions. We are working on a smooth upgrade process for everyone.
  • New storefront businesses: (not verified on Google Places for Business) you may create a page in Google+ (under the local business/place category) and go through the verification process. Then, manage your page through the Google+ pages admin.

What if I'm a...

  • Service area business with address correctly hidden: the upgraded (merged) local Google+ pages are not currently supporting service area businesses. Please continue to manage it via Google Places for Business and hide your address as necessary, detailed in the quality guidelines.
  • Big brand or business with multiple locations: There is no way to link a single brand page to multiple local Google+ pages. Continue to manage your brand page in Google+, if you already have on. To manage your locations, continue to use use the Google Places for Business dashboard.

I have a sticky situation...

  • Created a page in Google+ in a category other than local business/place? Only +pages in the local business/place category can be verified and merged with a Google-generated local Google+ page. There is no way to change the category of +pages. You may create a page in the local business/place category and verify that if you’re not currently verified in Google Places for Business. We will not be able to move your followers or content.
  • Data issues? continue to use Edit business details to resolve these issues. Please do not attempt to merge or verify a page with data issues.
  • Someone else verified your social local Google+ page? Please make sure it isn’t a Google-generated page. If you’re sure it’s a social page, you can learn more about admin rights here. Someone else verified your Google-generated page? You can also request verification. Any Google-generated pages can be verified by any account in Google Places for Business. If you suspect that someone else is adding incorrect information to your Google-generated page, use this troubleshooter.

Forum discussion at Google Business Help.

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Gregory Smith

08/17/2012 12:28 pm

I am really interested in the local side of search, and have recently started to develop a local search news and marketing platform, to provide others with news, such as this. I appreciate this article Barry.

Iain Bartholomew

08/17/2012 03:15 pm

This whole process has been a complete and upper shambles from day 1. I understand rolling out a minimum viable product, but Google+ Local was, and remains, so far below that threshhold it's unreal. Thoroughly disappointing.

Matthew Marley

08/17/2012 03:26 pm

I manage the SEO for a large UK brand with 200+ high street locations. We already have a G+ brand page. I really dont want another 200+ created with the switch to G+ Local. I wish Google would just give us the ability to manage our location pages through the brand page wouldn't that be much easier that creating 200 individual pages for stores....

Terry Simmonds

08/17/2012 10:45 pm

Google Places, Local Google+ Pages, or whatever it will be called next time could be a potential disaster for the small business owner who provides more than one service. A perfect example is a local, well established, respected building company that provides a range of services such as; carpentry, bricklaying, plastering, kitchen fitting, roofing, landscaping, etc. The way Places is now they have to really emphasize just one service to have any chance of appearing high in Local Google+ Pages. They could choose to try to appear high for *Builders in Location* but if they do this they will have no chance of appearing for carpenters in location, bricklayers in location, kitchen fitters in location, plasterers in location, etc. because these positions will be filled by people/businesses who only provide one distinct service in one very small area. We could easily see the situation where reputable, well established, local businesses are outranked in Local Google+ Pages by there own employees or subcontractors who just provide a single service and are home-based. This is just asking for trouble and we could well see a big rise in people using fake addresses, virtual addresses and multiple listings for separate services. Apologies for the link drop, but this is something I blogged about last week -

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