Some SEOs Threaten Google's Web Spam Team

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SEO Threaten GoogleI've seen upset SEOs and webmasters before but I don't believe I've seen such a public and outward display of physical threat on Google before.

A Google Webmaster Help thread has one upset SEO asking for the physical address of Googlers on the web spam team. He said the reason is he "knows a very angry group oF iNDIANS THAT WANT TO MEET UP WITH HIM FACE TO FACE."

Clearly he doesn't know what he is talking about because (1) there is no "him," there is a huge group of people on web spam at Google. (2) Google's web spam team is all over the world, including India. (3) For an SEO, you'd think they would find it easy to locate Google's offices. (4) He can't spell too well.

John Mueller, one of the faces behind Google's team was not concerned, he responded:

You can find our offices addresses on our website. That said, if you're unhappy with your site's performance in search, I'd recommend that you focus on your site, rather than our addresses.

I can't imagine the number of emails and threats Googlers get from webmasters. I get my share of threats and I don't even control Google's algorithm, so I can imagine the number of threats and insults Googlers receive on a daily basis.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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Nick Kringas

07/23/2012 12:37 pm

I guess outrage is expected when too many people really on one "anything" in their business and then that one thing goes away. As Dan Kennedy says, the worst number in business is one. Crazy times we live in


07/23/2012 12:44 pm



07/23/2012 12:44 pm

hahaha Hilarious... May be someone is just trying to have fun here. But it can be true as well, as every time when Google updates their algorithm these webmasters lose their rankings. Something which frustrates them more than anything else. Anyhow, Googlers must be getting these kind of messages on regular basis nowadays.


07/23/2012 12:49 pm

I think he was just joking


07/23/2012 12:54 pm

If you think about it, google really should do much better than this. I mean a system that already generated billions of profit was as easy to manipulate as pointing a link from site A to site B. In developing countries, a few of those links would already mean a substantial income to feed entire families. If this all wouldn't be possible in the first place, there would be less unsatisfied parties involved. With more investment and/or a riskier approach to their business model, they could have gone into these directions much earlier. So they can't really complain about some of those things happening.

Maurice Walshe

07/23/2012 12:55 pm

If I where a Googler would be more worried about pissing of the zetas and the templars by blurting out that your setting up a joint task force to work with intelligence agency's Makes working for a company that was seen as "crown forces" by the PIRA seem tame

ankur chaudhary

07/23/2012 01:17 pm

Hey Barry - on your point 1 - the reason he uses 'him' is because in the preceding comment someone has posted a link to Matt's photograph. That said, I agree with your assertions in the post :-)

Nick Ker

07/23/2012 04:20 pm

I would hope the guy making the threats was joking. Not exactly highbrow humor, but shortly after the Penguin update was released, there was also this "story" of mass outcry in India:

Kevin Gerding

07/23/2012 05:07 pm

Professionals would not threaten anyone. We have the power of the purse and can choose where to spend our money. I have significantly reduced our Google budget and have allocated more money towards Adcenter. For the record, John Mueller is wrong when he states people should focus on their site. Google's policy shift has forced webmasters to focus on the content that appears on other websites (backlinks). For somewhat popular websites, this can be a countless number of pages that reside on tens of thousands of domains. Instead of creating content, Google expects webmasters to physically inspect millions of backlinks that reside on other domains? lol Bing has it right on this one - ignore junk links.


07/23/2012 05:46 pm

"That said, if you're unhappy with your site's performance in search, I'd recommend that you focus on your site, rather than our addresses." JohnMu, Matt Cutts, Amit Singhal, Susan Moskwa and other scrooglers are scam artists, spewing crap night and day as Panda and Penguin work to increase Google's clicks on ads. Cannot wait for FTC and EU to destroy these thieves. Google is rigged, they rig results to make more money from adwords. Panda and Penguin are not about "links" or shallow content but to remove free clicks for commercial results.


07/23/2012 06:55 pm

Let's hope that the SEO is just suffering from a bad bout of constipation and was in a cranky mood when he vented. Violence never solves anything; it only feeds upon itself. I think a lot of people were really dazed and confused when pandemonium was unleashed and time has passed and still, there aren't many happy recovery stories so that initial jolt has turned into bitterness and anger. It doesn't help that the situation is pocketbook related. I think a lot of really good people feel hurt and betrayed, too because Google used their content to make a big bulk of their fortune. G likes to give a lot of advice, but due to the poor recovery rate, it's not working. Even the people who have written massive articles relating to Panda & Penguin recovery tips admit that they haven't seen much success either. I read where one reader actually asked the guy why he was giving tips when he hadn't experienced or seen success from his own advice. Anyone for cocktails?

Sha Menz

07/23/2012 11:56 pm

and why exactly did he think it was fine to cast a shadow over an entire industry by naming himself and his little band of merry men (female non-inclusion intentional) as SEOs? ho hummm...

Rahul Mishra@SEO|SMO

07/24/2012 07:03 am

Hey..Hey hey....Google tells us that He is just refreshing his searches..but If he will be regular with his updates then there is no Scope for SEOs and Its gonna be finish. There are lots of new guidelines for SEOs and Google rules as he wants. I think people should beagree with me on that Everyone don't follow all rules.


07/24/2012 10:35 am

thats really funny

Aniruddha Badola

07/24/2012 11:15 am

Come on! You shouldn't take seriously a pissed off guy who has lost a lot (job, business) because of Google updates. I mean the guy who shot 12 people in Colorado during TDKR screening had much more valid issues

Webstats Art

07/24/2012 12:49 pm

There was a time when people used to take Google advice seriously. That was before the first Panda update. I honestly believe that the Panda Update had nothing to do with poor quality websites but more to do with reducing visitors to popular websites. My friend manages business websites that he spent months on "cleaning" and improving" six months before Panda but it did not help. What he saw (pre-Panda) is a significant rise in traffic and a 50% drop after Panda. It started with a 20% drop, then 30% and after 1 year about 50%. He believes Google has been taking traffic away from some sites slowly so that we don't notice i.e. they are slowly killing blogs and websites and replacing it with their own content (trying to with G+) and knowledge content which are more than snippets ripped off from other people's content. Google is a search engine that wants to be a content farm - not just a social network wannabe but a CONTENT FARM! Facebook is NOT a content farm because it has put walls around it's content.

Andy Hughes

07/24/2012 01:44 pm

Isn't India where a lot of SPAM and unethical SEO generated from? No wander they are angry espeically with the lastest updates this year. Not being racist just 9 x out of 10 SPAM SEO email is from India 'We are an Indian based SEO Company and wandering if you are interested in out sourcing your SEO...!


07/25/2012 02:27 am

I don't agree with the threats but.....I understand it


08/09/2013 09:06 pm

Over a year later and this still cracks me up, had to come back and show my co-worker

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