Google Lists 5 Most Common Canonical Mistakes

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GoogleBot Canonical TagEarlier this week, Allan Scott of Google posted a blog post on the Google Webmaster Blog named 5 common mistakes with rel=canonical.

This is really a must read for any developer, webmaster or site owner with a larger site.

In short, the top five canonical mistakes are:

(1) rel=canonical to the first page of a paginated series

(2) Absolute URLs mistakenly written as relative URLs

(3) Unintended or multiple declarations of rel=canonical

(4) Category or landing page specifies rel=canonical to a featured article

(5) rel=canonical in the body>

I recommend you read the full blog post, which has illustrations to explain all of it.

Forum discussion at Google+ & WebmasterWorld.

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04/12/2013 11:51 am

Interesting but these things i have already done but there is not good effects .

Sorina Dascalu

04/12/2013 03:24 pm

Amresh, these are the things you shouldn't do if you want good effects. Read the title again - do you see the word "Mistakes"?

or zilberman

04/14/2013 06:00 am

I find the best practice using cms's is heaving every page canonical to the permalink (intended address). In this way you don't need to worry about added parameters and such. Of course paginated pages should always point to the general un paginated list to remind you.

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