Scroogle Shuts Down For Good

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ScroogleScroogle, the search engine that scrapped Google's search results for almost a decade, has finally been shut down by its owner, Daniel Brandt.

The reason is closed was because someone attacked it with a DDOS attack. Although Daniel Brandt also blames Google, despite Google continuing to allow the search engine to illegal scrape its search results for almost a decade. Daniel Brandt is known as one of the loudest anti-Google activists out there - so it makes sense.

I am honestly surprised he didn't try to keep it running and is essentially giving up on Scroogle & Google-Watch after years and years of operations. I guess whoever did the DDOS attack caused a major stress on his servers and maybe wallet.

That being said, this is the end of an error.

We first reported about Scroogle back in 2003 when it was first "being blocked."

Goodbye Scroogle.

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02/23/2012 03:47 pm

bull fucking shit.  he got paid off.  How dumb do you think we are.

Conspiracy concern

02/23/2012 05:07 pm

so whos watching google now?


02/23/2012 09:08 pm

I have a computer and a business website and must daily deal with the continuous problems of Microsoft and website scams and spam and the whole conglomeration of what the 'web of lies'  contains, and does...It has become a money pit full of hucksters and false promotions...indeed, there are more websites than people on planet earth, and just about as many directories and search engines, but google is the largest and richest, and the biggest violator of privacy rights ...Monopolies are illegal, but the government has failed the populace in so many things, it is not surprising they fail to reign in google...Those 'leaders' on Capitol Hill have a problem balancing their own checkbooks and paying personal credit card is no wonder we have the economic mess we have in this nation...I will miss SCROOGLE and certainly hope it starts up again, and this time, maybe more people will contribute...I certainly will!  Maybe it is time we all just give up on the internet and walk will certainly benefit the newspapers and magazine circulation, and even the postal corruption and lies greed causes ruins everything...Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google...Yes, they are tyrannies, and all tyrannies fall...They just don't know when to leave well enough alone...too many people trying to justify their existence...erroneously...ruin it for all...Ok, that is my only set of comments...BYE SCROOGLE>

Paul Newman

02/24/2012 03:10 am

Well. Damnit. Anyone willing to divulge any alternatives? ;)

John Vantine

02/24/2012 06:04 pm

What a bummer... I used this site all the time.


02/25/2012 12:54 am

Scroogle has been my home page for over three years. I will really, really miss it.


02/25/2012 06:11 pm

After repeated attempts of not being able to logon to my favorite search engine, I had to search on what happened. This is sad news indeed. Thanks for all the work, Daniel. And to the author of the DDOS attack, may the ticks of a thousand camels inherit the eyebrows of your descendents for a hundred years. There, that oughta do it :)


02/25/2012 07:04 pm

Prove it. Can you find the money? Follow it?


02/26/2012 07:42 pm

Sad news indeed, I liked the home page and anti Google cartoons/text which was truth! There are other alternatives out there, one I use is "privatelee" which also supports HTTPS/SSL


02/26/2012 08:25 pm

Thanks - will check it out. Sadness shared.


02/26/2012 10:23 pm

End of an "error" - Lol...


02/27/2012 05:14 am

Losing Scroogle is like as all of a sudden having the lights gone off!


02/27/2012 05:13 pm

boo hoo, sniff, sniff.  I will surely miss the scroogle scraper. Here is an alternative I am using now:


02/29/2012 04:02 pm

I am using it is a cleaner interface, with lots of so called Bangs that can directly search what you want. Bang to search google within DuckDuckGo is to add !g to the search.

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