Scroogle Blocked

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As posted by Scroogle's developer (Kackle on SEOChat)

"The entire Class C that Scroogle is on has been blocked by Google as of about 90 minutes ago. All of Google's data centers now return a 403 "Forbidden," which prevents us from screen scraping Google SERPs from our Class C.

We were up for 11 days and handled 97,343 searches comparing pre-filter and post-filter results. The information we provided is information that Google doesn't want you to have.

The latest hit list of nearly 5,000 terms and an essay on the filter fiasco are still available on the site.

Fortunately, you can still search privately for pre- and post- filter results using the exclusion term trick described in the essay. Almost all of you already know about this. It's just that it won't be easy to get the big picture of what's happening regarding the filter, without that constant data feed of search terms that was collected and sorted by Scroogle."

The developer is working on keeping it up by using multiple ip addresses, see the SEO Chat thread on this over here.

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