Scraper Site Software Site Complains Site Not Listed In Google, Seriously!

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SeriouslySometimes I cannot believe the threads I read in the official Google Webmaster Help forums.

Last week we had a duh SEO moment but this week, it goes way beyond that.

A company named, is actually complaining that their web site was removed from Google. The owner asked, "The website has gone missing from, please tell us what could be the reason?"

Um, really? The site offers, an I quote, "Manually Copying and Pasting Web Data? Save time and money with extraction solutions! Service are able to deliver data exactly according to your requirements with accuracy." Heck, they even have a sub product named "Google Data Extractor!"

And why would you want this software? As the site describes:

Search Engine and SEO : Get the Most out of your chosen Search Engine & SEO Websites like Google, Alexa, Yahoo etc.

So now you are asking why the site is no longer showing up in Google? Really? Seriously?

If you are looking for some fun, check out the Google Webmaster Help thread with all the webmaster responses?

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

Image credit: Adam Gerard on Flickr.

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Ben Johnston

09/12/2011 01:08 pm

There are SEO fails, there are stupid forum threads and then there is this. Truly incredible.


09/12/2011 02:00 pm

ha ha ha, can't believe some people!


09/12/2011 07:33 pm

Wow, am I the only one who doesn't find this funny?  The website offers a scraping software, it is a software that allows  you to capture information from other websites.  There are so many legitimate uses of a scraper software including keeping track of prices of competitors.   Just because it can be used for something against Google's guidelines doesn't make it illegal.  I bet most of the people here use rank tracking software, those are directly against Google's guidelines and they are still on the SERPs.  If something like IBP was suddenly de-indexed I am sure the tone of this article would have been very different.


09/12/2011 07:49 pm

I remember hearing how Apple has pulled some apps off the app store or how Facebook has pulled off some groups but this is a new new one. Checking the comments below it seems like there is a little debate going. Lawsuit anyone?

Ed Dawson

09/13/2011 02:10 pm

So if you own a scraper software you get removed from the index? what about things like child porn then, is that ok? I would prefer a stupid scraper site in Google all the time...this is somewhat stupid & not something to have a  laugh....


12/16/2011 11:14 pm

Barry, have you ever thought that post was for ad purpose and with all people like you helped to spead that?

Barry Schwartz

12/17/2011 10:52 pm

So you think I am dumb?

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