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Matt Cutts LiveMatt Cutts, Google's lead of search spam, announced on Google+ that he is now accepting questions for his next round of videos to be posted to the Google Webmaster Help YouTube Channel.

You can submit your questions via Google Moderator where others can vote up your questions and you can submit or vote on other questions. The goal is to get the most important questions answered by Matt Cutts first by using this moderator system.

Matt Cutts wrote:

Every few months I take questions about search, how Google works, or search engine optimization, and record the answers on video. It's time to record some more videos! You can submit your questions here:

In every batch, Matt Cutts and his team, find a way to make the video quality and answers better. If you remember, the first few were not done that great but as they do more and more, the quality keeps improving.

The YouTube channel now has over 8,750,000 video views. So clearly people are benefiting on some level from these.

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G Morning

09/10/2012 01:46 pm

Why bother? Matt Cutts is a liar. Matt Cutts is fraud. No matter what you ask you will always get a canned answer by the master scam artist. He wants Google to make more money so his shares increase value, that's all. Ignore the fraud. Only idiots listen to one who's goal is to confuse you. Write to Congress and FTC saying that Google is rigging search. Promote different SE. Ignore Danny Sullivan and 99% of other "SEO" writers, they are all biased since Matt Cutts has a direct line with the pro-Google ones. Danny never wonders if Google is rigging organic search to help advertisers and clicks on ads because he makes money by kissing Google's ass. He has sold out.


09/10/2012 01:58 pm

Don't beat around the bush, tell us what you really think :)

Kevin Gerding

09/10/2012 02:07 pm

I see a lot of sites ranking really well with poor HTML structure (dozens of the same H tags used, many HTML errors noted, etc.). My question would be what importance, if any, does Google place on using valid HTML? A question for Barry: Whenever I edit a post here it gets tossed in for moderation and never appears. Do you guys not like my comments here???

Sheldon Campbell

09/10/2012 04:58 pm

Gads, G Morning, you off your meds? Whenever Matt opens his mouth, he needs to be conscious of the fact that he's seen as a Google spokesman. So if you're expecting something other than a company response, you're not being realistic. And while I'll grant, Matt doesn't usually give ALL the information we would like to see, I have yet to EVER see him lie. We just have to read between the lines, sometimes. As for Danny (and Barry, too), if you think you're seeing bias in favor of Google, you obviously haven't been paying attention. ;)

G Morning

09/10/2012 06:57 pm

Thanks grandpa, but I stick by what I said. Nothing needed between the lines, Google's clicks on ads increased by 39% from Panda and 42% from Penguin. What else you need to know you moron?

Sheldon Campbell

09/10/2012 07:55 pm

Gee, how can I argue with such an impartial and highly educated response like that? ROFLMAO


09/10/2012 08:23 pm

A little hash, but I feel where you're coming from:). I see Matt as G propaganda vehicle, spreading FUD with a little truth mixed in there some how. Sadly, most of the things he says about ranking these days are not totally true. The only way to know is to build a few micro sites and run some tests to see what really works....not what Matt thinks should work. To be fair, i think Matt is just doing his job though...even though he isn't doing so great. But what hell...if the spam team got half as smart as they claim to be, SEO's would be out of business. We need to be grateful they suck at their job because in Google's eyes white, grey, and black hats are ALL spammers :). If they are not making money from you somehow, you best believe you're a spammer to them.

Craig Charley

09/11/2012 06:15 am

Any chance of a link to back up that data?


09/11/2012 10:03 am

Google rigs search to force websites to advertise (especially after Panda and Penguin) and then rigs it by making content worse than ads more so people click on ads. Everything there is a scam but Barry is sleeping on the switch. That's illegal by the way.

G Morning

09/11/2012 10:21 am

Look at Google' earnings announcements from the last quarter and from last year. They announce clicks on ads to the Wall Street crowd. What I said is 100% true and verifiable.

Webstats Art

09/11/2012 08:38 pm

I always wondered why Danny's blog often deletes posts that are not pro-google.


09/13/2012 05:23 pm

@1554a84b296dc2e07e8ca714eda6339c:disqus if you do not want to be an idiot don't argue with one.....


11/14/2012 10:53 am

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