Google: Worry About Yourself & Not Your Competitors

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pointing fingersA Google Webmaster Help thread starts off with a webmaster who is asking why his web site is not ranking well. The thing is, it isn't his web site, it is probably a competitor's web site.

He is just trying to get attention to a competitor who looks to be doing shady stuff so Google will take notice and manually take action on the site.

He wrote:

I have read the FAQ etc.

I worried. And, I am just wondering about why my site is not ranking

Can anyone help please?


We are targeting the online casino niche.

Please help with some advice I can use.

Then after a few posts and him being frustrated, he goes on about how this site ranks for all types of keywords and it is not fair.

John Mueller of Google responded basically telling him to worry about his own site. Deceiving users to thinking it is his site just to play a game won't help him rank his own web site. John explains that you can report the site as spam via the normal spam report tools but outside of that, this won't do any good. John wrote:

It seems that this thread got started in a misleading way, which isn't likely to give you much useful help. It sounds like this isn't really your site, perhaps it's even a competitor's site, so it seems a bit odd to solicit for help in improving that site. If instead you'd like to report it as spam, I'd recommend using the normal spam report form. If on the other hand, you'd like help to improve your own site (which is generally the better path), I'd recommend starting a thread specifically for your website, detailing the issues you're seeing and the changes that you've made.

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shill h8er

11/12/2012 05:56 pm

Ladies and gentleman: who gives a flying fcuk about what this tool, Mueller says? He is a PR hack, stuck somewhere in France when the algo is done by the bean counters at Mountain View. Many are wondering why Google didn't offer any real tips to recover from panda (other than Amit Singhal's dust in the eyes "22 tips)": Google doesn't want sites to recover, they want you to BUY ADS. On commercial searches, rigged to the max, all you see is advertisers on top ten and ads, ads, ads.....and more ads above the fold. Nothing about "user experience," just the "Wall Street experience." Google is about to implode in a few quarters as not much is left to be rigged so do nto fall for these stupid distractions...matt Cutts said this, and John Mu said that. Who gives a fcuk, these are paid Google employees, paid to deceive. Sites like SEL and this one, now have nothing to offer to their readership, just parrot Google's talking points, all designed to mislead you. You will not get a useful to here or at Danny Sullivan's site. They have helped Google ruin their own business. readers will catch up soon.

joe moore

11/12/2012 10:56 pm

u need to grow up man sel and this site are nothing but helpfull and just advise as to whats going on. They never have ever claimed that they are %100 accurate so beat it if you dont like them. Your just mad cause u suck at seo and cannot rank a site if your life depended on it so you pick on the resources. People these days geeze


11/12/2012 11:55 pm

Stop spamming the web and twitter with those cheesy rings you sell you spammer POS. Then, you can comment


11/13/2012 03:38 am

There is nothing helpful in Google's webmaster help forum. I see it as a free for all bashing session waged against mostly noobs. If nothing else, that place needs moderators. Even then it would be hard to de-train those that spend their free time there slamming people posting for help.


11/14/2012 09:26 am

Man, you have a lot of anger. There's plenty of information about recovering from Panda and Penguin. Let's face it, Google's guidelines have been published for a long time. If you follow them then you won't fall foul of any updates and will recover. Forget SEO and focus on marketing content.


11/14/2012 07:33 pm

Since day one, I have never received a single shred of useful advice from Google Webmaster Forum, Matt Cutts or anyone else in google. The best advice comes from people who don't publish their secrets. Why would experts give away advice that makes a ton of cash for them personally?

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