Google World Cup Soccer Ball & Caxirola

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Google World Cup Soccer Ball & Caxirola

Some Google Partners received a gift from Google yesterday. The gift was a world cup soccer ball and three Google colored caxirolas, Brazilian percussion instruments.

The box it came in was addressed to Google Partners All Starts and says "kick off this season with Google Partners."

Wissam Dandan posted a picture of how it was packaged on Google+.

The above picture is from Joe Martinez posted on Google+.

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04/11/2014 01:09 pm

I got the same, but I also received a yellow and a red shaker thinggy... I want the t-shirt myself... boss' can take the trip to google plex. whats funny about the google swag is a couple years ago when I got a company to certified status we got a keychain and a black hat :/ i wish it were white, then i might wear it. the shaker thinggys are loud!!!

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