Google Tel Aviv Art

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Google Tel Aviv Art

Daniel Waisberg was at Google's Tel Aviv office recently and posted a picture of some art he found in one of their conference rooms. The words are from a famous Israeli song writer named Ehud Manor. It says in English:

That's it and not otherwise
The waters end in the Galilee sea
In the Kibbutz, in the village, in the city
That's it and not otherwise

Daniel posted this on his Google+ page for all to see.

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Branko Rihtman

04/20/2012 09:53 pm

Bad translation. מים סוף means "from the Red Sea", not " The waters end". So that line means "From the Red Sea to the Galilee sea" 


04/22/2012 07:47 am

Lol, and it's from an old Tv show.

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