Google Passover Matzah Doodle

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Google Passover Matzah Doodle

Google Passover Matzah Doodle With Color

Okay, I made this one myself, a Google Doodle for Passover, the Google Passover Matzah Doodle. I wanted to showcase my Photoshop skills, not bad? Here are two flavors, which do you like best? Happy Passover.

I posted this on Google+ on Friday.

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Frank Burns

04/16/2014 12:48 pm

I'd like to see a doodle with android on each of the planets. Rotate them at intervals and give them a new space home. Imagine a doodle on the ISS, even a friendly greeting for the russians would be a welcomed sight.


04/20/2014 07:25 am

L'chaim and wonderful! How great to see that someone did something for us. Google won't even do something for the Christian holiday of Easter, as proven last year and now this year as well. Wow. What a way to win over an audience. Eh, so we should care? :)

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