What Is This Truck & Why Is It At Google?

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google military truck

Brandon Badger, a Senior Product Manager in the Niantic Labs at Google, posted a picture on Google+ of this military like truck parked in the Google parking lot. He hashtagged it #Apocalypse but seriously, what is it and what is it doing there.

Some of the jokes include that it is the Motorola moving truck or part of Google's mobile resistance movement. Maybe Sergey has a new set of wheels and he is tired of the eco-friendly bit?

What is this truck called and what gas mileage does it get?

This was posted on Google+.

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Gareth Mailer

01/30/2014 01:04 pm

Bing are clearly stepping up their reconnaissance.


01/30/2014 01:17 pm

I don't know what it is, but I want one!

Jonathan Hatton

01/30/2014 01:24 pm

Google expanding into even more channels... #breakingbad

Daniel Marriott

01/30/2014 01:32 pm

Looks like a troop carrier that had been adapted in to a mobile home or office.

FATbit Technologies

01/30/2014 01:33 pm

Hi Barry We are very much sure that this truck is being used to deliver low quality links to Google headquarter. LOL :) Thanks for this funny post.

Barry Schwartz

01/30/2014 01:34 pm

Nice commentator name you got there Mr FATbit Technologies. :)

FATbit Technologies

01/30/2014 01:40 pm

Barry, We used our twitter profile for commenting. Do you want us to get it removed?

Barry Schwartz

01/30/2014 01:40 pm

Nah, it is all good. Just messing with you.

FATbit Technologies

01/30/2014 01:45 pm

Thanks Barry.

Melissa Fach @SEOAware

01/30/2014 04:21 pm

A high tech RV?

Gareth Mailer

01/30/2014 04:26 pm

Bing are really stepping up their reconnaissance.


01/30/2014 11:09 pm

It's a surprise self-driving all-terrain vehicle for Matt Cutts put together by the self-driving auto engineering team?

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