2012 Poll: Did Your Site Recover From The Google Panda Update?

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Google PandaIt is just under a year since Google pushed out the Panda update on February 24th. Since then, we ran a poll back in June asking if anyone recovered. 85% said they did not recover from the Panda update.

Since it is now just about a year later, I wanted to rerun the poll.

The poll is below, please take it and please tell all your friends, coworkers, colleagues and webmasters friends to take the poll. I'd love to release the results on February 24, 2012.

For more information on the Panda update see our Panda category and here is a list of those updates:

Past Panda Updates:

Forum discussion continued at Google Webmaster Help.

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02/07/2012 04:28 pm

My sites have been soaring ever since the started rolling out Pandas. No change yet :)


02/07/2012 05:03 pm

31% increase for the year versus 14% average annual increase from the preceeding 3 years per analytics. Thank you Google

Rizwan Maqsood

02/07/2012 05:11 pm

I never have been caught by any Google Panda Updates. :)


02/08/2012 05:03 am

My site increased in rank when Panda rolled out. I went from 1 to 3. Yesterday, however, my site decreased 1 point and now ranks 2.  craig at dancesportevents.com


02/08/2012 11:01 am

I got my page from page 1 to the last page, i did some automated back links with software which harmed my rank,  but still PR3 site


02/08/2012 11:02 am

The site is empty

Wedding Planners

02/09/2012 02:40 am

Write quality content and their shouldn't be any bad after taste from the Panda. For me, I'm still waiting for  big G to knock out all the crap sites that, for some un-godly reason, still outrank me - go figure?!

Tips Tricks Blogger

02/10/2012 03:10 am

Yes I like to see that pnnda really target on content scrapper site.

Raheel Hb24

02/10/2012 10:22 am

 but i have one suggestion for this Google act, please keep focusing quality work in the future  because   only chance to safe Google panda attack

Berry Appleston

02/18/2012 05:20 pm

Most of my sites were not affected by the Panda update as I try to use good content on and off page SEO, but what I am worried about down the road is the use of automated softwares that post links to your money sites and other Web 2.0. I have heard rumors that it is coming but I think it would be really hard to implement and then people that have Senuke and others would attack their competition. I would love to hear thoughts on that topic..

Website Copywriter

03/07/2012 02:47 am

Yes content was always  important for any website, but in these days panda is very strict about content spamming . So, we should use unique content to increase rankings.


07/08/2012 05:00 am

Google panda and Google penguin is giving an impact that most of the websites complained. There are things that we should consider upon this. We should implement some new plans and use strategic techniques to get back those rankings that we lost.

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