Older Tweets Now Showing In Twitter Search

Feb 11, 2013 • 8:32 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Search Engines

Twitter LogoTwitter announced they are now displaying older tweets, when relevant, in their search results.

Twitter said that the older tweets that show up in the search results represents a "fairly small percentage of total Tweets ever sent." They use engagement metrics such as "favorites, retweets and clicks" in their algorithms "to determine which Tweets to show."

For example, I searched for [space shuttle] in Twitter and this tweet from a while back showed up at top:

Twitter Search: Old Tweets

Is it relevant? That is the big challenge Twitter needs to solve.

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02/11/2013 05:35 pm

Oh, look, it happens to be an AD that popped up! I'm sure Axe and the many other advertisers on Twitter will be happy that their older ads will be showing up in the top spots for search queries.

Marcus Slinger

02/12/2013 12:25 pm

As much as some people may, or may not, find this useful, I myself don't really see any use for this. I mean why would anyone benefit from viewing really old tweets? Don't get me wrong if anyone can disprove what I've said please do, i'd love to know the use for this.

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