Ok Google Is Not Okay! It's Spelled Wrong.

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A Google Web Search Help thread has a couple of searchers who are upset with Google's use of English. Specifically in their marketing and use of "Ok Google" for the hot word to trigger a search. They want Google to spell it either "OK Google" or "Okay Google" but not "Ok Google."

Ok is not a word, OK is.

Ok Google

One searcher said:

It is absolutely outrageous that Google's search application contains one misspelt word.

I am not sure if it is outrageous, I assume there is a reason for this. OK vs Ok is not a huge difference is space, so I am not sure why Google went with the lowercase version?

Does this bother you?

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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12/23/2013 02:11 pm

Oklahoma Google is all I can think of when I see 'OK Google'. Proper English be damned! Horrifying flashbacks to the hell of sitting through bad singing, pathetic scenery, and ridiculous chaps of high-school spring musicals must be avoided at all costs.

Adam Heaton

12/23/2013 02:11 pm

The world is coming to an end, Ok?


12/23/2013 02:17 pm

Makes me so mad!


12/23/2013 02:23 pm

Technically it should be Okay or OK. ;) The full stop is very important! All fear it! :)


12/23/2013 02:30 pm

Aghh, it's started...it's boring into my brain! "OOOk-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain!" Aghh!

Alexander Hemedinger

12/23/2013 02:32 pm

Yea this is just way too funny.

Vermont Design Works

12/23/2013 02:45 pm



12/23/2013 02:49 pm

Languages are not static and evolve as everything else. Any words used in the conversation, when people do understand each other, are correct. No doubt, that in this case most of the users perfectly understand what did Google want to say, means this word is correct.

Martin Oxby

12/23/2013 04:26 pm

Storm in a teacup. Do people really get angry about this kind of thing?

Kristi Kellogg

12/23/2013 07:47 pm

I vote OK Google -- OK is AP style.


12/24/2013 12:36 am

misspelled in America....

Mohamad Fahmi

12/25/2013 05:54 pm

Okay is "All Correct" ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okay -- all is correct, google? :D

Kevin Stirtz

12/27/2013 01:24 pm


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